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Talking green UK: Public reactions to key climate change terms

October 29, 2021
Author: Ben Cooper, Luke Raikes

Politicians, the media and activists must improve the way they talk about climate change. There is general support for the government to take action on climate change and people do see the opportunity to create jobs – though this view isn’t overwhelming and opinions do vary between demographic and political groups.

Based on the results of a survey that assessed the opinions of 5,005 people across Great Britain we conclude that politicians, the media and activists should start to:

 - Refer to ‘net zero’ using clearer, more commonly understood words and, where there is no alternative but to use this term, elaborate on what it means.

- Talk about specific jobs and their quality, rather than leading on the fact that they are ‘green’ – as this seems to provoke scepticism and has far more of an association with the climate agenda than regeneration. This defeats the purpose of making the economic case.

 Read this Policy Study | Talking Green Project

ℹ️ This short briefing summarises a small section of the findings from the UK's opinion survey. It forms part of a wider project which is a partnership between FEPS, the Fabian Society and TASC. Our final report will be published later in 2021, and will include more findings from this poll as well as an extensive review of the literature.


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