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Who Owns Europe?... and why it matters for Progressives

January 16, 2020
Author: Cliff Mills, Mark Willets, Peter Hunt, Sean Kippin

Ownership matters. Owners of businesses set their strategic direction, purpose and the terms of employment. Owners of land decide what should be done with it and who can access it. Owners of property decide how it is deployed and who can enjoy its benefits.

This project seeks to examine ownership across the EU, it considers how Europe’s businesses are owned and where the benefits of business flow. It looks closely at different types of ownership model, for example - the joint-stock company, the private business, the partnership model and the mutually-owned enterprise.

At the same time, it is concerned with ownership more widely. Who owns the land on which our produce is grown, the apartment blocks in which we live and the institutions in which we store our earnings?

This report makes a series of recommendations which seek to ensure strong economies which are purposeful and successful, but which also benefit the wider public good.

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