Young generation’s call for intergenerational fairness through climate action

November 07, 2019

Climate change is not “a new trend” despite the fact that it is getting massive media attention lately. Young people of different generations have been talking about climate change for decades, but our generation of protestors is louder and better coordinated than our predecessors. Youth movements not only in Europe but all over the globe are taking the lead in addressing and demanding changes in face of Climate emergency: youth-led demonstrations worldwide on 20 September 2019 on the occasion of the United Nation’s (UN) General Assembly in New York were the largest climate-protest ever in modern history. But what differs current manifestations from the past is that during those actions, teens (Generation Z) and young adults (Millennials) are no longer seen as victims who need to be protected from climate change but rather as key actors and stakeholders who are fighting for real change.

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Ana Pirtskhalava, IUSY Secretary General and Céline Guedes, FEPS Project Officer commeting FEPS Speri Study: Intergenerational fairness in post-crisis Europe: A comparative study

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