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United for Climate Justice Executive Summary

September 17, 2019

Achieving climate justice requires tackling the intra-country, inter-country and intergenerational equity issues that lie at the heart of the climate crisis, through:

- A new global social-ecological contract based on a just tran-sition which leaves no one behind and reduces inequalities among and within countries .

- A people-centred approach to climate nance. 

- A human rights-based approach to climate action.

- A recognition of nature’s intrinsic value.

- Inclusive climate governance.

The purpose of this note is to reflect the main themes and diversity of the UNited for Climate Justice exchanges thus far, in order to inform further discussion in New York. In doing so, the note draws upon the key messages of steering committee members. Full details of the proposals and underlying reasoning are available in the Declaration with Guiding Proposals and the accompanying Policy Paper authored by C. Billingham, FEPS Senior Policy Advisor.

The executive summary include a foreword by FEPS Secretary General László Andor.

Read the full executive summary (foreword + declaration)

Read the foreword by Lászlo Andor

Read the declaration



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