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UNited for Climate Justice - Declaration with guiding proposals for Progressive Climate Action

August 02, 2019
Author: Charlotte Billingham

The climate emergency is becoming clearer than ever. Climate justice is significant for us because it stands for an agenda that links the struggle for a prosperous and safe future for all with the fight against inequalities and exclusion. We want to ensure political commitment to safeguard our planet and livelihoods whilst ensuring a sustainable transition guided by the principle of fairness and social justice.

Driven by this motivation, FEPS and its partners have set-up, under the chairpersonship of Teresa Ribera, Minister for the Ecological Transition in Spain, the United for Climate Justice initiative and convened a steering committee in this framework. The group gathers together concerned stakeholders from across the world encompassing policy experts, academics, political, civil society and business representatives.

The difference we want to achieve is to set out the strong need for clear collective action and systemic change to facilitate rapid decarbonisation and at the same time enhance global economic equality.

The initiative aims to serve debates ahead of the UN Climate Action Summit on 23rd September 2019 in New York. Just before which we will also hold a large side-event on Friday 20th September in New York.

Read the declaration for Climate Justice

Read the UNited for Climate Justice policy paper

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