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Progressive Answers to Populism

March 11, 2019

Why Europeans vote for populist parties and how Progressives should respond to this challenge

Author: Ernst Stetter, Johannes Hillje, Jussi Pakkasvirta, Luigi Troiani, Maria Freitas, Tamás Boros

Although, the problem of rising populism is becoming a more and more researched topic – FEPS and Policy Solutions joint research programme called “Populism Tracker” being a testament to this –, there are very few if any serious analyses that offer an antidote to populism.

The central objective of this book is to offer potential and effective answers to NGOs, politicians or anyone who wants to counter populism. We hope that the proposed country-specific and European progressive answers of this publication can be useful for wider parts of society than hate-based populism, as we also believe that they provide insights for Progressives to better respond to the problems and fears of those social groups that are most susceptible to the allure of populism.

This book is for all those readers who believe in the importance of a progressive future for Europe.

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