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(Food) Waste Not Want Not

October 16, 2018

Why food waste is a big deal and how to scale-up preventive action

Author: Biljana Borzan, Charlotte Billingham, Dace Kavasa, Ernst Stetter, Ervins Labanovskis, Grazia Cioci, Hanna Hartikainen, Harri Moora, Jana Simanovska, Jolita Krupienè, Joris Depouillon, Katri Joensuu, Monika Raugeviceiūté, Paola Hernández Olivan, Paul Wallner, Vytenis Andriukaitis

Food waste, we don’t want it but why is preventing it such a big deal?

Wastage can be found right along the food chain, from production to consumption, it strains our natural resources, land, water and energy use. It is wasteful financially yet moreover it constitutes to a huge part of global emissions. Therefore addressing this is important in preventing global warming and climate change too.

This publication is intended to illustrate the main issues to the reader as a complement to this fast-developing debate. It sets out clearly the significance and responsibility of action in preventing food waste, outlining the challenges and show- casing the opportunities and benefits that could be brought about. It looks at the policy developments and highlights good practices. The format is an collection of articles from different contributors that look at the political, scientific, business case and educative aspects of food waste. It includes articles from Commissioner Andriukaitis for Health and food Safety and Bijlana Borzan MEP as well as other authors from across Europe with experience in this field.

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