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India and South Asia: July-August 2018 Dossier

September 05, 2018
Author: Klaus Voll

The July-August dossier covers only recent political developments in India, including the Monsoon Session of Indian Parliament and the failed motion against the Modi government, the passing away of two political stalwarts from the north and south of India, the deluge in Kerala, and the paralysis within the nascent yet formidable Aam Aadmi Party.

The analysis of foreign policy developments includes a focus on Premier Modi’s trip to three African nations, the visit by South Korean President to India and the visit of the Chinese Defence Minister to India. A preview of the first edition of the 2+2 Indo-USA Strategic Dialogue is included. As part of South Asian relations, Premier Tsering Tobgay’s visit to India is briefly covered.

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Part I India - Domestic developments

Vote of no-confidence clearly defeated 

Atal Bihari Vajpayee 1924 – 2018

M. Karunanidhi: Death of a Tamilian Stalwart

Monsoon in Kerala: Devastations and an ecological disaster

Aam Aadmi Party in government


Part II India - Foreign Policy Developments 

Modi-Moon talks in New Delhi

Modi sojourn from Kigali to Johannesburg 

Chinese Defence Minister visits India

India and the USA: 2 Plus 2 Talks


 Part III South Asia

Bhutan premier visited India 


Part IV: Press Articles on major domestic and foreign policy issues

As always, a number of complementary articles provide the reader with a much wider and deeper understanding of the politics in India, South Asia and across the wider region, through an Indian-centred perspective.

· How the world sees India

Shyam Saran

Business Standard online, July 11, 2018


· Way Ahead: Only A Perception Change Can Prevent Rise Of Anti-India Sentiments in J-K

P Stobdan

Outlook, July 16, 2018


· Raja Mandala: India and Trump’s world

C. Raja Mohan

The Indian Express online, July 17, 2018


· Modi's Kashmir Policy Is Playing Right Into the Hands of Pakistan's ISI

Prem Shankar Jha

The Wire online, July 22, 2018


· Mobocracy; and the Indian State fails its citizens

C. Uday Bhaskar

 South Asia Monitor, August 03, 2018


· For the BJP, the NRC is the Last, Poisonous Throw of the Communal Dice

Prem Shankar Jha

The Wire online, August 04, 2018


· India must show it’s a different kind of a nuclear-weapon power

C Uday Bhaskar

South Asia Monitor, August 06, 2018


· The man of the moment

KC Singh

The Tribune online, August 08, 2018


· Vajpayee's Foreign Policy May Be His Most Enduring Legacy 

Manoj Joshi

The Wire online, August 19, 2018


· Raja Mandala: Privatising the Afghan war

C. Raja Mohan

The Indian Express online, August 28, 2018



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