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Progressive reforms for rebalancing the eurozone

November 30, 2017
Author: David Rinaldi, Manuel de la Rocha Vázquez, Victor Echevarría

FEPS FA Paper EMU Reform final

Completing, deepening and rebalancing the Economic and Monetary Union is perhaps the most crucial point of the dense European policy agenda. For social democrats, reforms of the Eurozone cannot aim exclusively at stabilising financial and sovereign markets or introducing more fiscal discipline. From a progressive perspective, the main objective of reforming the Economic and Monetary Union is to address the problems of slow growth and high unemployment, lack of social convergence and the democratic deficit. The authors present some crucial elements for a reform inspired by progressive values; they advocate for a fully-fledged Banking Union, a Convergence Code, a real Social Dimension and a Fiscal Capacity which includes both a stabilisation and an investment function.

By Manuel de la Rocha Vázquez, Fundación Alternativas, David Rinaldi, FEPS and Victor Echevarría, Instituto Complutense de Estudios Internacionales 


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