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Progressive Politics in Fragmented Times

August 27, 2015
Author: Ania Skrzypek

This Policy Brief was drafted as a reflection after a seminar held by FEPS, Policy Network and Renner Institut in Oxford in July 2015. It is organized alongside 10 Core Guidelines, which were inspired by different points made respectively during the debate. Each of them is deliberated in details and closed with a reflection of what standpoints social democrats could consider consequently in order to ensure primacy of progressive politics in these fragmented times.

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These are the 10 Guidelines:

1 Consolidate in the era of contradictions

2 Construct a sound, compelling argument

3 Embracing a new socio-economic paradigm

4 Reestablishing as the main fighter against inequality

5 The progressive alternative as an agent of transformation

6 New members and new memberships

7 Reclaiming leadership

8 Facing challengers head on

9 Reinterpreting the meaning of representative democracy

10 Define a “fairer deal” for Europe

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