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October 09, 2014
Author: Alfred Gusenbauer, Ania Skrzypek, Caroline Gennez, David Coats, Ernst Stetter, Jessica Asato, Roger Liddle, Sunder Katwala

Pamphlet edited by Ernst Stetter and Sunder Katwala, with editorial support from Ania Skrzypek, Tim Horton and Ed Wallis. Published by FEPS and Fabian Society...

This pamphlet presents a relevant contribution to a debate on the overall crisis of Europe and on the specific conditions that progressives find themselves in the 21st century.

The two decades of the constant institutional and socio-economic reforms on the European level did not generate sufficient public support to lift the EU from its paralyzing crisis and hence to proceed to the next stage of integration.

These outstanding contributions by Roger Liddle, Alfred Gusenbauer and Jessica Atto (among others) seek to find the answers to the question “what next?”, both in terms of making a case for Europe in Britain, as also across the continent – balance between which questions is ensured by the distinguished editorial team of Ernst Stetter and Sunder Katwala.