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Local Wealth Building - Economic development and Just transition in rural areas

December 19, 2019

This FEPS-TASC project explores the local wealth building model’s potential to help regenerate rural areas in Ireland. FEPs and TASC are partnering on researching how the inclusive and participative planning model that is central to rural Local Wealth Building can enhance life in rural Ireland and reverse decline. The aim is to identify and share strategies that will aid agri-business, local government, residents of rural areas, and other stakeholders in stimulating rural regeneration and climate action.

Rural areas are suffering a long, drawn-out decline driven by the impacts of economic recession and rural to urban migration. This downturn is exacerbated by climate change, financial insecurity, and the uncertainty caused by Brexit. Yet, although rural communities are bearing the brunt of these challenges, they will play an integral role in mitigating climate change.

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