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FEPS Post Summit Briefing: European Council, 22 March 2019

March 26, 2019

At the latest European Council summit in Brussels (23 March 2019), Brexit once again dominated EU council talks over other matters due to urgency and desperate nature of the situation. Other main topic was “Jobs, Growth and Competitiveness”, where the conclusions show the need for interventions in the market, and the European Council invites the European Commission to present an industrial strategy by the end of 2019. Two months before the European Elections, fighting disinformation was also one of the priorities of the summit.

Following huge international marches over the last few months of young people in particular calling for urgent action to address climate change, this summit was the moment of high expectations for many. However the European Council of leaders did not give recognition to these significant calls from civil society. Within the framework of external relations, the main focus of the discussions was on China.

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