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Josep Borrell, Vice President of FEPS, appointed Foreign Affairs minister of Spain

June 11, 2018

FEPS, the think tank of the Social-democrats at European level, wishes to congratulate Josep Borrell, Chair of its Scientific Council and FEPS Vice-president, for having been appointed Foreign Affairs minister in the new Spanish government of Pedro Sánchez.

During the last year, Josep Borrell has worked extensively with FEPS President, Maria Joao Rodrigues, and FEPS Secretary General, Ernst Stetter, to improve even further the capacity of FEPS to tackle the challenges of the 21st century and propose new innovative solutions, on issues ranging from finance to migration, and from democracy to the social impact of the digital revolution.

These efforts complemented the extensive international work of FEPS, which covers the world's major regions and encompasses cutting-edge research on the most critical issues of relevance to Europe and the world.

With the 2019 EU Elections fast approaching, we strongly believe that Josep Borrell’s unique experience and expertise, along with that of the new Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez who has also contributed to FEPS activities, last year, through the Lamy’s Group for a Global progressive policy agenda, will make a strong contribution to shaping the EU foreign and domestic policy agenda.

Working in collaboration with its extensive network of member foundations and partners, FEPS remains committed to helping the new Foreign Affairs minister in his work, on the basis of our joint aim to foster a global debate on the policy pathways through which Europe can shape its engagement with the world towards a more progressive direction.

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