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European economies appear to have found a way back towards modest growth, but the legacy of the global financial and EU sovereign crises is still weighing heavily on economic recovery and living conditions.

Redressing socio-economic conditions across Europe requires a revision of economic policies at both domestic and European level as well as the ability to drive and make the best of ongoing transformations that affect our societies: digitalisation, automation, globalisation, climate change, etc.

On top of managing transitions, FEPS activities focus on re-discovering avenues in which European economic integration can serve as a catalyst for prosperity and cohesion.



  • Workshop on Secular Stagnation in the Eurozone and Divergence between the Centre and Periphery

    June 21, 2018
    University of Greenwich, King William Court, room KW302. London

    Workshop on Secular Stagnation in the Eurozone and Divergence between the Centre and Periphery: policy proposals beyond unconventional monetary

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  • For a Fair, Modern & Efficient Corporate Taxation in Europe

    April 09th - 15th, 2018
    Brussels Brussels

    Several forces create a unique momentum for corporate tax reform. On the one hand the Lux Leaks, the Panama Papers and most recent the Paradise Papers have clarified

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  • Next Left Economic Circle

    December 06th - 07th, 2017
    Rue Montoyer, 40. 1000 Brussels Rue Montoyer 40. 1000 Brussels

    Topic: Economic and Monetary Union Reform

    Date: 6th December at

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  • STABILISING THE EUROZONE Economic, Banking, and Financial Integration to Redress the Monetary Union

    30th November - 01st December
    O'Donnel 10. Madrid, Spain O'Donnel 10. Madrid, Spain

    The EMU reform is back on the top level debate on the Future of Europe. After many reports and reflection papers, the time to

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