Review meeting on circular economy

4 December 2020 - 11AM. Online meetiong upon invistation only.

To kick-off a new project on circular economy that FEPS will be running with partners a policy review meeting will be held. The objective is to gather experts, policy-makers, academics and stakeholders together to discuss the main issues, challenges and opportunities in this important policy framework.

Circular economy is one of the main priorities of the EU Green Deal and spans over 7 key sectors; packaging, plastics, electronics and IT, batteries and vehicles, textiles, construction and buildings, food, water and nutrients. New legislation in this area looks set to contribute towards half of the EU’s efforts to decarbonise by 2050. Therefore there is a lot to be examined in this field and the policy changes can be significant.

This meeting is not public and is by invitation-only but if you are interested in attending please contact Charlotte Billingham via email:



Friday, 04 December 2020


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