What is Progressive? The EU and the changing multilateral system

The world is changing. Over the past few years, multilateralism, the rules-based international order and the established system of global governance, along with the plethora of processes, institutions and norms underpinning them, have been facing a number of intensifying challenges. Crucially, this strain placed on the system as currently functioning has come not only by some of its known antagonists but also by hitherto champions of it.

The EU has been often found lacking in its practical defence of multilateralism, despite its many efforts. What is often missing in carrying out this important task is a sense of strategic prioritisation and political will so that the Union showcases the strength and conviction required to shape and bend global governance and regional developments towards a more positive, progressive direction.

Against this backdrop, the Foundation for European Progressive Studies and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Rome, in cooperation with the German Italian Centre for Excellence Villa Vigoni, have joined forces to organize the international conference What is progressive? The EU and the changing multilateral system, that will take place in Villa Vigoni, Como Lake, Italy, on the 18-19 October.

This is a closed door meeting

At a critical time for the EU, the overall objective of this conference is to promote an important and timely debate on the policy pathways through which Europe can shape this engagement towards a more progressive direction.


Italy, Villa Vigoni, Como Lake


Friday, 18 October 2019 - Saturday, 19 October 2019


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