To Inspire Europe. Book Presentation in Brussels

Thursday 10th October form 12.45 to 2.40 pm

Following the debates in Prague and Madrid, FEPS together with the partners: Fondatión Pablo Iglesias and Masarykova Demokratickà Akademie are very excited to present to Brussels audience the newest study by Jorge Galindo “To inspire Europe: Insights from the success story of social democracy in Spain”.

Join the lunch debate and together with:

- Beatriz Corredor, MP and President of Pablo Iglesias Foundation;

- Maria João Rodrigues, FEPS President;

- László Andor, FEPS Secretary General;

- Jorge GalindoSociologist by the University of Ginebra, Columnist and Political Analyst in El País, Spain

- André Krouwel, Director of Kieskompas and Professor at VU of Amsterdam,

- Laura Baillarín Cereza, Head of the S&D Group President’s Office

- Ania Skrzypek, FEPS Director for Research and Training

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And explore the pertaining questions: in which ways has PSOE succeed in consolidating its forces and renewing the party, so that it could become the governing force? How have the modernization agenda resonate across diverse groups of voters? What did the renewal of PSOE mean for re-structuring and re-calibration of the Spanish Partisan System as a whole? Why was VOX not as popular as initially anticipated? What are the prospects now, when the country is faced with the snap general elections?

The discussion will take place over lunch break and hence also a light meal will be provided.



Brussels, Rue Montoyer 40


Thursday, 10 October 2019


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