FEPS-Fabian New Year conference 2022

15 January 2022

Rising to the challenge: The left’s ambitions in Britain and Europe

For over a decade the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS) and the Fabian Society have started the year with a new year conference examining critical political issues facing the British and European left.

The 2022 edition of the conference examined the shared challenges facing the UK and countries across Europe. We debated the left’s ambitions, as we seek to rebuild our societies and economies after the pandemic and prepare for green transition and digital transformation. Each of the conference’s sessions focused on a big challenge facing both the UK and other European countries – in all we have identified fourteen. The day also included a keynote speech from UK Labour leader Keir Starmer and a senior European politician.

This was a hybrid event – with several hundred delegates gathering at the Friends’ Meeting House, in central London plus digital access for additional delegates and speakers. The digital format allowed us to include a wider range of non-UK speakers than has been possible with previous in-person FEPS-Fabian events.

Agenda | Watch all panels on YouTube

In the media

- Sir Keir Starmer says booting out Boris Johnson over partygate scandal 'in national interest' - Sky News
- Sir Keir Starmer raising the stakes in battle over Boris Johnson's future amid new 'wine time' claims - Sky News
- Starmer: Tories must 'get rid' of Boris Johnson if he refuses to quit - ITV News
- Ayesha Hazarika Drive Time - Times Radio (from 48 minutes)
- Keir Starmer says it's in the 'national interest' for Boris Johnson to resign over Partygate because he has 'lost the moral authority to lead' as he calls on Tory MPs to oust him - Daily Mail
- Boris Johnson must resign in national interest, says Keir StarmerGuardian
- 'He's got to go': Keir Starmer says Boris Johnson is unfit as leader – video – Guardian
- PM ‘unable to lead’ following party accusations, says Starmer - Independent
- Keir Starmer says Boris Johnson must resign ‘in the national interest’ - Independent
- Prime Minister ‘unable to lead’ following party accusations, says Keir Starmer - Mirror
- Keir Starmer slams 'absent' Boris Johnson 'who's just out to save his own skin' - Mirror
- Keir Stamer promises to roll out mental health hubs for youngsters in every community - Mirror
- Keir Starmer: Boris Johnson and his politics of cynicism are poisoning the well of our democracy - Telegraph
- “We need to learn to live with Covid,” Keir Starmer tells Fabian conference - LabourList
- Starmer to set out NHS reform plan with focus on “prevention as much as cure” - LabourList
- Reeves: Labour would show “respect for taxpayers’ money” – unlike the Tories - LabourList
- The Political Agenda - Andrew Harrop - (pre-conference interview)
- PM too busy rule-breaking to fix NHS, says Starmer amid fresh ‘wine time’ allegations -
- Partygate has added to country’s mental health stress, says Starmer - Belfast Telegraph
- Boris Johnson told to ‘lead or step aside’ as more partygate claims surface - London Evening Standard
- Partygate has added to country’s mental health stress, says Starmer - London Evening Standard
- 'Partygate scandal' damaged public mental health, says Keir Starmer - Manchester Evening News
- Keir Starmer says alleged Downing Street parties have affected public mental health - Northern Echo
- 'A Prime Minister mired in deceit' Starmer says Johnson isn't fit for office in wake of party revelations - Wales Online




Saturday, 15 January 2022


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