Navigating the EU Economy - Legacy Speech by Pierre Moscovici

Tuesday 8 October / 18.00 - 19.30 / Venue: Hotel Châtelain – Rue du Châtelain 17, Brussels

From fighting against tax evasion to improving the functioning of the European Semester, from completing the banking union to deepening the EMU, the responsibilities of Commissioner Moscovici touched upon a wide set of extremely sensitive issues that are at the very foundation of the integration process. He will present his vision about the achievements of the current Commission in the economic sphere and reflect about the strategy to attain further reforms to the design and functioning of the EMU. Moscovici’s speech will be introduced by FEPS President Maria Joao Rodrigues and followed by a discussion chaired by FEPS Secretary General László Andor on the construction of an action plan to “Rewrite the Rules of the European Economy”.

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Brussels, Hotel Châtelain – Rue du Châtelain 17


Tuesday, 08 October 2019


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