To inspire Europe: insights from the success story of social democracy in Spain (Madrid)

Following an incredibly instructive debate in Prague on 4th July, FEPS together with its partners of Pablo Iglesias Foundation and Masarykova Democratic Academy is thrilled to be holding a public event in Madrid to share some of the key reflections about the political situation in Spain and how it can be a source of inspiration for progressive comrades across the EU.

The event will be opened by Beatriz Corredor, MP and the Director of Pablo Iglesias Foundation, whose welcome will be followed by a presentation of the paper that Dr Jorge Galindo wrote especially in the framework of the project. His reflections will be then connected with the results of the more of a pan-EU research that Professor Andre Krouwel of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and of Kieskompass put together in the year ahead of the last EU vote.

The list of further interlocutors will involve Dr Ania Skrzypek, FEPS Senior Research Fellow; Jiri Dienstbier from Czech Senate and other honourable invitees. The event is open to the public and soon there will be a possibility to download the relevant studies from the FEPS website, so please stay tuned!

For more information, please contact Elena Gil, FEPS New Media Advisor at


Madrid, Spain


Monday, 15 July 2019


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