A Just Transition to New Sources of Energy: Technologies, Costs and Geopolitics

Public conference

At National Council of Economy and Labor (Cnel), Rome Italy.

Friday 8th June

With the Pietro Nenni Foundation

On the occasion of World Ocean’s day, we aim to discuss deep implementation issues regarding transitioning to a decarbonised society.

Our oceans are where effects of climate change are most visible and most concerning. Therefore the challenge of moving away from fossil fuels is most pertinent and intrinsically linked to this issue. The emphasis of such debates is now looking at how changes will be implemented; technology, investment and geopolitics will be key in determining how the challenges are overcome.

The conference will gather different high-level stakeholders in this public event with the aim to broaden the debate and help develop the vision needed as well as being aware of the difficulties that may lie ahead.

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National Council of Economy and Labor (Cnel), Rome Italy


Friday, 08 June 2018 - Saturday, 09 June 2018


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