• 6th Barabara Prammer Symposium: International Women’s...

    January 20, 2020

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    In 2020 we decided to take a critical look at the achievements of the 4th World Conference on Women in Beijing 25 years after the adoption of its declaration by 189 national governments whilst discussing the further...

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  • FEPS - Fabian Society New Year's conference 2020

    January 18, 2020

    FEPS - Fabian Society New Year Confernce 2020 will take place on Saturday 18 January 2020, just five weeks after the December general election. This is a perfect opportunity to gather senior politicians, policy experts and members to discuss the election outcome, ongoing Brexit proceedings and the role of the left in influencing both domestic and international policy.


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  • PES Open Dialogue on Climate Action

    December 10, 2019

    Climate Action is urgently needed and the European progressive movement has always been a key driver to advance the Just Transition – may it be on the local, the national, the European or the global level. That is why we want to stress this urgency and put forward our common proposals during the COP25 in Madrid this December.

    Together with PSOE, PES will host a public...

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  • The political, economic and social impacts of climate...

    22nd November - 06th December

    Global warming, climate change, and its effects constitute an extremely complex problematic but it is the utmost urgency to address it. Because it combines transversal issues from environment to economy, health, social inequalities, energy efficiency - literally to all the components of today's societies - as Progressives, we need to encourage a comprehensive, progressive...

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  • The EU, Brexit and the future of the UK election – what...

    November 25, 2019

    The UK’s 2016 referendum on EU membership posed fundamental questions for both Britain and the EU. On the one hand, governments in London have struggled to bring the country together and establish a tangible strategy for the UK’s future EU relationship. On the other, the Brexit vote has fuelled ongoing European debate on the future of the integration process, even though...

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  • The Future of Work is Now. Jobs, Automation and Inequality

    November 21st - 22nd, 2019

    Are automation, artificial intelligence and other digital technologies inevitable leading to inequality and job losses? How do we create quality jobs in the digital economy? Can digital technology helps us achieve a green and sustainable economy? Join us in Barcelona to find out and contribute, at the joint-conference organised by FEPS and the Rafael Campalans Foundation!

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