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Tax justice and fairness should be the backbone of a progressive economic policy. It is estimated that tax fraud, evasion and avoidance all together amount to as much as 1 trillion € each year in Europe. It means a loss of about 2 thousand € per person. That is simply unacceptable.

 Fairness is not the unique reason to justify a reform of the taxation system in European countries and a more European approach to corporate tax in particular. Disruptive changes due to the globalisation and digitalisation of the economy require a modernisation of tax methods to secure contributions by global and digital firms. Furthermore, EU-led tax reforms are well-founded to ensure a well-functioning of the internal market and prevent distortions.

Presentations of the event "For a Fair, Modern and Efficient Taxation in Europe" (9th April 2018, Brussels)

Ruud de Mooij: Towards Fair and Balanced Corporate Taxation in Europe

James S. Henry: Elephant in the Hallway - The US As a Tax Haven

Thematic workshop: Letterbox companies, tax havens & the tax avoidance industry

Johan Langerock: Oxfam Work on Tax havens

Prem Sikka: Tax havens & the tax avoidance industry

Jan Cremers: Letterbox companies and the evasion of contributions to our welfare state

Thematic workshop: Own Resources: Possibilities & Strategy

Danuse Nerudová: Sustainability-oriented Future EU Funding: C(C)CTB as a possible New Own Resource

Jacques Le Cacheux: Corporate Income Tax as a Genuine Own Resource

Jorge Núñez Ferrer: Panel: Own Resources

Friedrich Heinemann: Own Resources: Possibilities & Strategy

Thematic workshop: Country-by-Country Reporting & the Tax Transparency Agenda

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