FEPS-Economia Civile “Miverva” Project on Gender, Equality and Diversity


Migrations, asylum, war, economic growth, global crisis, financial markets, employment, social development, as well as media, arts, history, welfare and social investments, institutions, health, climate change and environment are all gendered phenomena. A gender perspective cuts through all the most pressing issues that the EU faces today and in the foreseeable future, and a progressive approach to virtually all European policies requires taking the gender dimension into consideration.

The FEPS-Economia civile Minerva project deepens our knowledge of gender issues in the socio-economic domain through a multi-disciplinary and progressive approach. Such an endeavour is especially timely for two reasons. On the one hand, since the crisis of 2008 the position and role of women has considerably changed, and continues to do so in ways that require much more investigation.[1] On the other hand, the crisis – which is not just financial and not fully over yet – offers invaluable opportunities for radical change, including the potential to advance equality for women and men.[2]

A non-exhaustive list of topics under investigation includes:

Gender, families and social policy;

Globalisation, migrations, and demographic change;

Paid and unpaid work, quality employment and discrimination;

Crisis, finance and microfinance;

Human, social and economic rights.

The project aims at both expanding our knowledge on these topics as well as contributing to the design and implementation of effective progressive policies.

Related activities: 

SEMINAR: February 6th 2018, h. 11:00, Eurydice Fotopoulou, The role of gender equality in a sustainable development strategy.

SEMINAR: February 15th 2018, h. 16:00, Valeria Cirillo, Marcella Corsi, Carlo D’Ippoliti, “Gender, class and the crisis”

SEMINAR: May 28th 2018, h. 10:30, Giulia Porino, Adam Chalmers, “Banking on gender diversity: A statistical analysis of the determinants of diversity in bank’s boardrooms

PANEL: June 19th 2018, IAFFE conference, SUNY New Paltz (USA) “Bodies and markets: Ethical arguments and choices

PRESENTATION: July 5th 2018, 20th Anniversary Conference of the Association for Heterodox Economics, De Montfort University, Leicester (UK), Fabrizio Botti, Marcella Corsi, “The populist policy of decency as a post-68 governance model of the economic crisis in Italy


[1] Bettio F., Corsi M., D’Ippoliti C., Lyberaki A., Lodovici M.S. and Verashchagina A. (2012), The impact of the economic crisis on the situation of women and men and on gender equality policies. Luxembourg: European Commission.

[2] Corsi M. (2014), Towards a Pink New Deal, Foundation for European Progressive Studies, Brussels.

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