Re-writing the Rules of the European Economy


Key Partner: Initiative for Policy Dialogue

Lead Researcher: Joseph Stiglitz

FEPS and Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz agreed to work on the European twin publication to the Professor’s bestseller “Re-writing the Rules of American Economy”. In partnership with the Renner Institute and Policy Network, FEPS launched a reflection process that gathered 40 experts (researchers, politicians and civil society stakeholders) in the course of 4 debates (taking place respectively in Vienna, Brussels, Frankfurt and Brussels).

 Such debates have been crucial to instruct the editorial phase. The book, to be published by the end of 2018, stresses that the European recovery and preventing the eventual next crisis is co-dependent on the ability of the EU to revisit the decisions that led to incomplete architecture or failing instruments that are still in place now. A call for a better management of the aggregate demand and for a renewed Stability, Growth and Employment Pact are among the core recommendations put forward. A book road-show, which envisages seminars and conferences will be organised in cooperation with FEPS member foundations.

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