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The FEPS Next Left Research Programme has been founded in June 2009, with the goal to reflect upon the 2009 European Elections and prepare for the one to come. The programme quickly developed into a reference point for politicians, academics and experts in the field of the renewal of social democracy in Europe. With the support of the national foundations, and especially the Renner Institut as the partner in the project, it has been possible to realize a great deal of research, debates and publications across the EU and beyond.

This variety of activities has been executed through different groups within the FEPS Next Left Research Programme: the FEPS Next Left Focus Group, the FEPS Next Left Working Group on Eurodemocracy, the FEPS Young Academics Network, the FEPS Next Left Dialogue of Dialogues and the national round tables. The programme’s findings have been published within the FEPS Next Left Book Series, offering the PES, the S&D Group in the European Parliament and its sister parties an academic and analytical perspective on the current political state of the European Progressive movement. As a result of the increasing appreciation of the FEPS Next Left Research Programme, its position within the world of academia got strengthened, allowing the programme to grow and involve scholars and experts from different continents. The FEPS Next Left Research Programme is chaired by Dr. Alfred Gusenbauer. Within the FEPS Team it is coordinated by Dr. Ania Skrzypek, FEPS Senior Research Fellow.

Declaration: Next Left: creating a social democratic future

The main FEPS Next Left achievements are:

Next Left Focus Group

Next Left Working Group

Next Left National Roundtables

Next Left Academic Symposiums


Support to the renewal processes within the PES, S&D Group in the EP and sister parties

FEPS Next Left Research Programme, together with 3 respective FEPS Research Pillars, has been a reference point for the renewal processes within the sister organisations and parties. It contributed to those processed through, among others: fringe meetings and Council and Congresses, co-organized seminars, presentations at their respective events and written contributions for their respective publications, as also involvement in advisory gremials (including close cooperation with the PES Advisory Board on Fundamental Programme).


FEPS Next Left Publications

Among a great number of different publications (books, articles, essays, blogs etc.) the highlight publications of the FEPS Next Left Research Programme so far are:


FEPS Next Left Book Series 

FEPS Next Left Pamphlets

FEPS Next Left Desk Studies

FEPS Next Left Publications realised together with partners

FEPS Queries 1, 3, 5, 8 and 9

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Towards a new strategy for social democracy: Launch Next Left Vol.III

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