The yearbook is a FEPS annual publication that highlights the most important events and developments of the previous year. But our Progressive Yearbook is also, and above all, about the future. It is an opportunity to stop for a moment and look forward, set priorities, and put on paper some of the expectations and plans against which future developments will have to be tested.

As the leading progressive think tank in Europe, FEPS wants to showcase by its Yearbook its strong network in gathering political leaders, activists and academic experts from our political family, as well as collect critical data and deliver sharp analysis along with concrete proposals.

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In the year 2020, Europe entered its first lockdown. A year and a half later, we are turning our gaze towards the past, trying to understand some macro-dynamics that led us to the situation we are facing today.

Health Democracy is a European project aimed at creating an integrated analysis of the social inequalities of the post-COVID world.

It is led by the Foundation for European Progressive Studies and Fondazione Socialismo, and is divided into 3 lines of action: Research, Training, Dissemination.


Talking Green is a research project that explores perceptions of climate actions across Europe. Through surveys in Hungary, Ireland and the UK, FEPS is developing an understanding how the green transition is perceived especially by low- and middle-income people.

The collected data allow progressives to find the most effective ways to talk about climate change and develop participatory and effective policy proposals that address climate change while delivering a just transition that is aligned with people’s concerns.