FEPS is the European progressive political foundation.


FEPS is the only progressive think tank at the European level. FEPS establishes an intellectual crossroads between social democracy and the european project. As a platform for ideas and dialogue, FEPS works in close collaboration with progressive and social democratic organisations, and in particular national foundations and think tanks across Europe and the World. Its main purpose is to nourish fresh thinking through research, dialogue, seminars and its magazine, the Progressive Post, as well as through other publications and interactive public events.

Statutes of the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (EN)
Statuts de la Fondation européenne d’études progressistes (FR) 
Foundation for European Progressive Studies registered as a European political foundation

Activity Reports

The FEPS is now well established and has been carrying out activities with its members and partners successfully for an extended period now. This has meant that the activity planning of FEPS has advanced extensively and is also much more established. You will see in this activity report the detailed working plan 2010 illustrating the working pillars of FEPS.

FEPS Activity Report 2018

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