Woman up !

This project focus on strengthening women’s voices. The economic crisis has increased gender inequalities. The project delve into how investment in gender equality infrastructure can bring more fairness. The role of representation, politics and diverging political discourses also feature in this project. 

FEPS, Fondation Jean-Jaurès and Boston University celebrate annual trasanlantic seminars on Gender Equality that gather European and North-American experts over several days creating a platform for presenting their best and worst practices linked to the different stages of political or carrier empowerment. 


5th Transatlantic dialogue on gender issues

Woman up! for the European elections

Fourth transatlantic seminar on gender equality

Third transatlantic seminar on gender equality

Research and policy related output

Strengthening women’s voice. Article based on the discussions of the fifth Transatlantic dialogue on gender issues. By Zita Gurmay, Pia Locatelli and Judit Tanczos. 2014

Les femmes à l'assaut du numérique. Ghislaine Toutain. 2014

Political, business and academic perspectives on women’s representation. A transatlantic gender dialogue.  Edited by Judit Tánczos. 2013

European Parliament's achievements concerning gender equality. Ghislaine Toutain. 2013

Towards a dual-earner / triple-carer model of the family for renewed solidarities. Jerome De Henau. 2013