Transition to decarbonisation: A New Social Contract

The climate change policy response needs to shift its focus toward aiding the transition sustainability in key countries, regions, communities and business models. The pace of change and ensuing uncertainty is likely to heighten tension among communities which have to transition the most and those fearful that disruption will lead to a loss of their livelihoods. The perception of this loss is as potent as any physical manifestation of loss.  Whether in the end it turns out to be false or not, the perception of loss will be a powerful factor shaping political decisions and the pace of change.

Effective leadership, ownership, accountability and management are essential ingredients to a successful transition. A new, inclusive way of governing has to be developed to maintain a healthy socio-fabric whilst deep transformation happens across countries. It is vital to ensure that citizens, workers, communities and future generations are part of this decision making and management process.

FEPS and Change Partnership, a think-tank focused on the politics of climate change, will explore some regions where industrial transition has taken place to identify a suite of measures and processes needed to organise and deliver a successful, just and timely transition. We seek to develop a toolkit that outlines practical steps regions and communities can undertake to manage the transition to a sustainable low-carbon socio-economic model.

The toolkit will identify practice steps for communities and local governments on:

   Guidance on establishing a governance framework to house all stakeholders, identify solutions and manage delivery.

   Identifying local re-industrialisation and regeneration case examples and best-practises

   Mapping common challenges faced by three types of regions, those
i) dominated by a single industry or employer,
ii) multi-industrial clusters and
iii) regions with high structural unemployment requiring regeneration.

The research will be published in September 2016.

Seminars and Events related

The New Social Contract: A Just Transition. Brussels, 28th September. 

- Just Transition: How to manage the social and economic aspects towards more sustainability. Riga, 10th July, 2015. 


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