BRICS and South Africa

Following the fifth BRICS summit held on 25-26th March in Durban, Arnold Wehmhoerner, the FEPS Southern Africa correspondent, analyses the current state of play in the BRICS grouping and the development of this entity since the acronym was coined 12 years ago. This paper looks at the debates within South Africa, and Africa more widely, over the relationship between the continent and the other members of the BRICS grouping.
In light of criticism from the West regarding the lack of common interests, positions and actions in the BRICS, Wehmhoerner gives a warning. Such criticism, he says, can be considered as a reflex to defend the dominance of Europe and the USA. BRICS existence is an indication of the shift towards a multipolar world and should be welcomed. The West should respond to this by reforming other multilateral institutions ranging from Bretton Woods to the UN.

More information about the Summit (official website)