India and South Asia: November 2017 Dossier


An important state election in Himachal Pradesh and the electoral campaign in Gujarat – the votes take place in December and the results for both states will be declared on the 18th of December - will determine the course of Indian domestic politics for 2018/19. In the new chapter „Economic Developments“, the focus is on „buisiness sentiments“ and the impact of the General Service Tax. Modi's tour to the Phillippines and India's relations with Afghanistan are the main focus in the regional and wider international relations.

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Part I  Domestic developments in India

Himachal Pradesh: Can the BJP defeat the Congress?

Gujarat: Is the BJP-citadel loosing strength?

Part II  India-Economic Developments

Economic situation in November 2017: „Business Sentiment“

GST: Trials and tribulations

Part III  India - Foreign Policy Developments

Modi at the ASEAN-India Summit

Part IV South Asia                     

Ghani’s Visit in the Context of Trumps’ South Asia Strategy

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