Is there a progressive framework for crafting urban development policies?


Βy 2050, nearly 65% of world’s population will be living in cities. Indeed, this is already the case in Europe. Cities should now be treated as living organisms. Besides, an increasing number of major problems appear mainly in cities, as do criminality problems and, of course, challenges related to the condition of multiculturalism. However, innovation can be born and developed primarily in urban centres; culture flourishes in cities, while it is exactly cities that attract young people, and especially millennials, to spend their lives in them. Municipal- ities, lastly, do exist in cities; they are actually cities’ small governments 

Read the contribution by Anna Diamantopoulou, President of Diktio, Member of the FEPS Scientific Council, former EU Commissioner at the International Conference “Greece Forward III. Progressive Policies for the cities of today and tomorrow” (4th October 2017)