Good Neighbourliness: The Visegrád Countries and Ukraine

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Since the Ukrainian revolution of 2014, the relationship between Ukraine and the European Union has emerged as one of the most important unsettled issues for the foreign and neighbourhood policy of the European community. In this complex crisis, four Central European Visegrád states – the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia – found themselves in a special position: on account of their geographic location, they were directly affected by the conflict.

In this book, the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS) and Policy Solutions examine how the Visegrád countries reacted to the crisis in Ukraine, what political and economic support they offered and how they have helped or impeded Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic integration in the past years. The studies in this volume were authored by foreign policy experts and analysts from the four Visegrád countries. As the need for progressive policies and politics in the region is becoming increasingly dire, this publication is aimed at shedding light on a complicated geopolitical picture.

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