The Age of Trump: Foreign policy challenges for the left

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The first months of Donald Trump’s presidency have been turbulent ones. We have come to expect the unexpected from the showman in the White House and his team. How should the left respond in these uncertain times? How does a progressive vision for the world fit with the challenges we now face?

This collection of essays, jointly published by the Foundation for European Progressive Studies and the Fabian Society, aims to set out some ways forward. In it, policy experts from Europe, the UK and the US, outline some of the most pressing issues we face, from climate change to nuclear proliferation and from the European Union to conflict in the Middle East. They highlight how the Trump administration might bring its influence to bear in these areas, and how we need to respond.

Foreword by Andrew Harrop and Ernst Stetter

Edited by Ian Kearns and Kate Murray

With chapters by Steve Andreasen, Liz Gallagher, Ken Gude, Ian Kearns, Lina Khatib, Darryl Kimball, Laura Kyrke-Smith, Vassilis Ntousas, Andrew Small and Emily Thornberry MP

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