Progressive Policy Making for the European Union

The European Union needs more progressive policy-making to overcome its current crisis and to develop its potential as a progressive project. Building on many debates which took place across europe and abroad involving thousands of actors over the last years, this book provides a consistent sequence of analysis and responses to cope with some key european problems:

  • Is the European growth model still sustainable and, if not, what should the main strategic priorities to reshape it be?
  • Is there an effective response to foster job creation?
  • What are the long term implications of the financial crisis which started in 2007?
  • What kind of Global New Deal is necessary to turn this crisis into an opportunity to reshape the global order ?
  • What are the implications of the current crisis of the Eurozone? How should the Eco- nomic and Monetary Union be reformed in order to overcome and prevent this kind of crisis ?
  • Is Europe condemned to an irreversible decline or can it have a re-start and a new role in the international game?

Maria João RODRIGUES was Minister of Employment in Portugal and has been a policy maker working with the European Institutions since 2000. She collaborates with FEPS for 5 years.