New estimate of the size of Dutch ‘Gig Economy’


Joint study by the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS) and UNI Europa, carried out by University of Hertfordshire and Ipsos MORI is investigating the size of the Dutch ‘gig economy’. In Netherlands the research was co-sponsored by TNO Netherlands.

In the online survey of 2,125 Dutch adults aged 16-70, 18% say they have tried at some time to find work managed via so-called ‘sharing economy’ platforms such as Upwork, Villamedia, Croqqer, or Uurtjeover. Around one in eight (12%) of respondents said they had at some time earned money in this way. Moreover, 3% of respondents claim to find paid work via online platforms at least once a week, with 5% finding such work at least once a month.

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