India and South Asia: March 2016 Dossier

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The March 2016 Dossier highlights a range of domestic and foreign policy developments in India as well as in the wider region. These include analyses of the immanent dangers under the Modi-regime, the situation concerning the upcoming election in the Southern state of Kerala, the mid-March visit of External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj to Kathmandu for the SAARC ministerial meeting, the newly elected civilian executive in Myanmar and the difficult path that is to be tread in the country.

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Part I India - Domestic developments

Dr. Klaus Voll

'Dangers under the Modi-Regime'?

Three cornered contest in Kerala?

Part II India - Foreign Policy developments

Dr. Joyce Lobo

External Affairs Minister at the SAARC meeting

Part III South Asia

Dr. Joyce Lobo

The Change of Guard in Myanmar: mix of military with democracy

Part IV: Book Review

State of Denial: Pakistan’s Misguided and Dangerous Crusade

Author: BG Verghese

Review by C. Raja Mohan

Part V: Press Articles on major domestic and foreign policy issues

As always, a number of complementary articles provide the reader with a much wider and deeper understanding of the politics in India, South Asia and across the wider region, through an Indian-centred perspective.

  • India's national security: Rhetoric needs to be matched by action

      C. Uday Bhaskar

      South Asia Monitor, February 26, 2016

  • Two PMs, and a standstill

      Yubaraj Ghimire

      The Indian Express, March 07, 2016

  • The US selling arms to Pakistan sends a mixed message to India

      Kanwal Sibal

      MailOnline, March 08, 2016

  • India must change course in the South China Sea

      Srikanth Kondapalli, March 08, 2016 

  • Local projects should get better exposure

      Shyam Saran

      Business Standard, March 10, 2016

  • The new idea of India

      S. Nihal Singh

      The Asian Age online, March 13, 2016

  • A new beginning in Myanmar

      Suhasini Haidar

      The Hindu, March 16, 2016

  • Raja-Mandala: Bridge to China

      C. Raja Mohan

      The Indian Express, March 22, 2016

  • Bhagat Singh’s Nationalism

      C. Uday Bhaskar  

      The Indian Express, March 23, 2016