Size of Sweden’s ‘Gig Economy’ revealed for the first time


Research by the University of Hertfordshire and Ipsos MORI, in association with the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS) and UNI-Europa, is investigating the size of the ‘gig economy’ in Europe. In Sweden, the research was co-sponsored by Unionen.

Following a successful trial of the methodology in the UK, the survey has now been carried out in Sweden. An online survey of 2,146 Swedish adults aged 16-65, was carried out between February 26th and March 7th, and found that 12% are working in the so-called ‘sharing economy’ for platforms such as Upwork, Uber or Skjutsgruppen, equivalent to around 737,000 people. Twice as many people (24%) used such sites in the hope of finding work – equivalent to almost a quarter of the working age population.

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