The house of Trump: from nightmare to reality

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The results are in and Super Tuesday appears to have solidified Mr. Trump’s position in his march towards the Republican nomination. If Mr. Trump succeeds in bullying his way to the nomination and then the White House, it will be a feat of individual ingenuity but also one of profound collective failure. For a US electorate that has not fatigued up to now from his non-stop incitement of hatred and violence and that is increasingly contemplating the potential of ‘hiring’ him, Mr. Trump’s famous TV line ‘You’re fired’ should become the motto for the next months. For the choice of voters and leaders is not one of preference among various candidates; it rather constitutes an existential choice about the path that they want their country to take. The wild card of an ascendant Trump candidacy might have presented a nightmare becoming an ever-increasing possibility, but there can be no sense of fatalism around this issue, as there is still time to prevent it from becoming reality. 

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