Progressive Leaders Declaration for Paris: 21 proposals for COP 21


The world community will have the unique opportunity to tackle dangerous climate change at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris (COP21) hosted by François Hollande in December. We European Socialists and Democrats call urgently for an ambitious, dynamic and legally binding agreement at the COP21, to secure a sustainable livelihood for us all. 

Human-induced climate change represents an urgent and potentially irreversible threat to human societies, human beings’ health and ecological systems worldwide. Global warming not only threatens our planet’s future but is also a question of justice. It affects disadvantaged groups more than others. Vulnerable people and communities in all countries at all levels of development are paying the highest price for climate risks. In Europe, children, the poor, and the elderly are most vulnerable and are increasingly exposed to the consequences of climate change. The poorest countries that contributed the least to atmospheric warming are affected the most by its effects. This is why Europe needs reinforced climate change adaptation and genuine North-South cooperation for climate mitigation and adaptation.

Climate change is also a question of intergenerational justice, as delayed action will make it socially, economically and environmentally more costly for the international community and future generations to manage to live with the effects of intensified global warming. This is why we also strongly advocate the adoption of appropriate climate mitigation and adaptation measures before 2020.

For us, European Socialists and Democrats, our fight against climate change’s adverse effects therefore goes hand in hand with our continuous battle against social injustices in Europe and worldwide. 

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