Iran Nuclear Agreement: The politics of attainability and the implications for Iran and the world


Following a long and, at times, arduous process of negotiations that lasted almost two years, Iran and the P5+1/E3+3 powers (the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Russia, China, and Germany) have finally announced in Vienna a long-term, comprehensive agreement regarding the Iranian nuclear programme. The Iranian nuclear deal constitutes one of the most important post-Cold War diplomatic accords. Quite expectedly given its historical and geostrategic significance, the pact has already been the subject of a plethora of analyses and dissections, and is certain to remain a point of contention for years to come. This policy brief aims at exploring the various aspects of the deal, while shedding light on its technical details and its strategic, long-term implications. It finds the agreement to be a robust yet imperfect diplomatic compromise that nonetheless represents a concrete step in the right direction, both for Iran and the international community. 

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