Europe was the future once – and it could be once again

Europe has emerged as a key dividing issue in British politics – and there is now a real danger that Britain could end up leaving the EU. The signature achievement of the Eurosceptics – merging the European issue with migration – has allowed them to modernise their arguments and broaden their coalition. Meanwhile the pro-Europeans have been living in the past, appealing to an ever-narrower section of society.

This pamphlet sets out a new strategy for how to reinvent the pro-European cause. The different strands of this message – developing a new deal on migration, turning Europe from a zone of austerity to one of growth, and pioneering self-government for the 21st century – start with public concerns about the Europe we have but they try to map out a vision for a British future in a more complex world.

The Labour party can lead this fight if it changes from being seen as a supporter of the status quo to setting to a radical reform agenda. And it must move from a strategy of winning the argument amongst elites to one anchored in grassroots organisation.