The Times They Are A-Changing': In favour of a new Global Alliance of Social Democrats and Progressives

The achievements of social democracy during the 20th century are pretty impressive. The social market economy, the breaking down of previously rigid social barriers, the near-attainment of gender equality, the liberalisation of society, the fight against racism and xenophobia, many campaigns for effective protection of human rights. It was social democrats who were the first to discuss environmental issues and to pacify the one-time class struggle in contributing towards social partnership. Indeed, social democrats have enjoyed so much success that over 30 years ago the liberal thinker Ralf Dahrendorf declared the end of the social democratic century on the grounds that social democracy had now achieved all its objectives. Yet in spite of this praise, Dahrendorf was wrong.

Read the article by Markus Engels, Deputy Head of the international department of the Social Democratic Party, Germany (SPD)