Report on A Progressive Renaissance for Europe

With 3 days of political debates, 12 workshops, 12 leaders of European social democracy, 21 partners and organisations involved, 67 honourable speakers, over 1000 participants and over 2000 tweets – the FEPS “Progressive Renaissance for Europe Forum” was the momentum through which all involved could truly live the bright spirit of European politics.

Held the beginning of April, the event marked the 4th successful event of the cycle of the debates “Renaissance for Europe”. Following the mobilisation in Paris ahead of the French Presidential elections, then the rally in Turin before the Italian Parliamentary elections, and then after having celebrated the 150 years anniversary of SPD in Leipzig – we have taken a new step, to even in a more outspoken way connect what belongs together: national and the European politics.

Martin Schulz, Elio Di Rupo, Marie Arena, Kathleen Van Brempt, Bruno Tobback and Massimo D'Alema were some of the politicians who took the time during the Forum  to challenge us to stretch horizons of our political imagination, to get a courage to pave the way towards a different Europe before the upcoming historical elections.