Beginning with a request for an EU-wide analysis of the Populist Radical Right in 2011, this project area has grown considerably since then. FEPS has been asked to present various elements of this research before Members of the European Parliament and events in Romania, Finland, Germany, Italy and Belgium. Recent elements of the project have included the book The Changing Faces of Populism: Systemic Challengers in Europe and the US" as well as the third issue of the FEPS magazine Queries which focused on the issue of “Facing Democratic Malaise”.

Research team

David Kitching – FEPS

Stefano Rizzo – CRS

Nicola Genga – CRS

Hedi Giusto – Italianieuropei

Sofia Vasiliopoulou – York University

Daphne Halikiopoulou – Reading University

Matthew Goodwin – Nottingham University


  • Conference of PES Secretary Generals (Berlin, October 2011) – Presentation of findings of the research paper ‘Facing Down the Far Right in Europe: a challenge for progressive politics’
  • S&D External Group meeting (Bucharest, July 2012) – Presentation of FEPS research to over 150 MEPs.
  • Meeting on “Populism and Political Parties in Europe” (Rome, July 2012) with Italianieuropei and the Centro per la Riforma dello Stato. This formed the basis for further research programmes including The Changing Faces of Populism.
  • Defying the Crisis: Impulses for Active European Citizenship (Rome, July 2013) – Presentatino to the European Network of Political Foundations
  • Democratic Legitimacy and Accountability in the EU (Dublin, July 2013) – David Kitching was invited to address the Oireachtas (Irish Parliament) Joint Committee on European Union Affairs
  • Democratic Malaise and Populist Growth (Rome, March 2014) – Fringe event of the Party of European Socialists Congress
  •  David Kitching was invited to speak at the Congress of the European Seniors’ Organisation (Brussels, April 2014)
  •  Europe’s Tea Parties? An interactive workshop (Brussels, October 2014) – In collaboration with Counterpoint

Research and policy related output

Why UKIP and the Radical Right Matter for Progressives – Matthew Goodwin & Robert Ford

Queries Magazine Issue III: ‘Facing Democratic Malaise: a challenge for a political union’

The Changing Faces of Populism: Systemic Challengers in Europe and the US – Hedwig Giusto, David Kitching & Stefano Rizzo

Democratic Legitimacy and Accountability in the EU: Address to the Oireachtas Joint Committee on European Union Affairs – David Kitching

‘Defying the crisis – Impulses for active European Citizenship’: Address to the European Network of Political Foundations – July 2013.

‘Facing Down the Far Right in Europe’ – David Kitching. September 2011

‘Rocky Road: ’On the Political Origins and Consequences of the Crisis in Ireland – David Kitching. November 2010


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