FEPS draws on the broad range of expertise of his staff and economic network to engage in innovative policy-oriented economic research and activities. Economic work at FEPS ranges from fiscal and monetary policies, financial system and crises, employment and labour markets, economic migration and mobility, industrial development and the state, channels of globalization, poverty and inequality.

A special feature of economic work at FEPS is the orientation to Political Economy and heterodox approaches to Economics. FEPS collaborates with an extensive network of academic institutions and member’s organizations to carry out policy-based research projects. Ongoing projects include:

- Europe within the global economy

- Finance and Inequality

- Financial and Industrial Policies

Wage-led growth in Europe

Capital Markets Union

- Macroeconomic Modelling

FEPS Annual Ecomic Conferences

- National Projects: 

Past Projects

- Next Left Economic Circle

- Nordic Model 2030

FEPS regularly publishes Economic Policy Viewpoints and Policy Briefs, which draw on background research of members of its economic network and regularly organises economic seminars and conferences with academics, policy makers and civil society. FEPS’ economic publications are designed to spark discussion and debate, support critical thinking, and highlight key policy proposal for a more equitable and progressive Europe.