Progressives for Climate

With the Fondation Jean-Jaurès

This initiative was established looking towards the climate summit in Paris in December at the COP21 to seek to awaken the Progressive conscience and provide further momentum and engage in an international dialogue amongst progressives in order to articulate a common vision. It began at the end of 2014 with missions to some key countries such as USA, Canada, Chile, and India and in 2015 to South Africa, Niger and Mali in order to try to find where consensus can be developed. During the missions we met with key stakeholders involved in the negotiations. We also gathered many of the partners from these key countries we have been having dialogue with, including China and Australia in a large conference help in Paris in April At the COP itself we ran a workshop on the topic of Just Transition.

2016 - COP22/ Blue Zone

Workshop on Gender and Climate Justice: Good Practices to Deal with Climate Change

8 November, Marrakesh

In the blue zone of the UNFCCC COP22 climate summit FEPS, together with the Fondation Jean-Jaurès, and NGOs; Fédération des ligues des droits des femmes (FDLF, Morocco ) TERRE Policy Center, India and La Fondation des Femmes de l’Euro-Méditeranée.

Gender and climate change are deeply linked. Indeed, facing climate change, women are more vulnerable as they are often more concerned by poverty than their counterparts for example. Despite this differentiated impact between men and women in front of climate change and natural disasters, women are being part of the struggle against global warming and implement projects supporting sustainable development. 

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The output in 2015 saw 2 large international conferences, published a thorough report offering 5 progressive proposals for the COP21 had a workshop during the negotiations, regular articles on a special dedicated website, twitter account and also a regular column in the Huffington Post (France) Newspaper. With contributions from various experts and stakeholders this served as a discussion platform for promoting progressive ideas and trying to secure a deal at the COP21.

Progressives for Climate, International conference on climate change

10 April, Paris

The momentum of this initiative intensified at this event which gathered former heads of state, policy-makers, climate experts and different stakeholders involved in the climate negotiations to speak to an audience of around 300 participants. The aim of the Conference was to advance a progressive vision of the fight against climate change well ahead of the COP21, and to formulate proposals to respond to the challenges of climate change in connection to human development and the fight against poverty. Alongside Laurent FABIUS, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International development there were around 20 high-level experts and politicians invited from around the world who have been involved in our dialogue, amongst them we have video interviews also from; I.Goldin, J.Kufour, J.P. Van Ypersele, R. Lagos, J. Ramesh, Q. Ye, K. Offmann and T. S. Malam Goni.

Progressives for Climate – COP21: Last Chance for a Real Deal!

21 October, Paris, France

Together with PES, PS France, S&D group, YES and Fondation Jean-Jaures

A few weeks before the COP21 itself the initiative also assembled a large number of Progressive, European leaders for a public conference and ceremony of the signing of the 21 PES commitments and recommendations for the COP21 in the presence of a keen audience of around 400 people. The discussion featured P. Berès MEP, T. Ribera, Director of IDDRI and M. Aglietta Economist. J. Leinen MEP and L. Slimani, President of YES. Followed by keynote speeches from J.C. Cambadélis, First Secretary of PS, and M. Valls, Prime Minister of France.

The Sustainable Transition we want!

Workshop, 2 December, at Le Bourget, Paris site of the UNFCCC COP21 negotiations

With the Fondation Jean-Jaurès

Unfortunately due to the terrorist attacks one of the planned workshops was cancelled however the subjects are intrinsically linked so it did not affect our discussion too much. Namely, the path to decarbonisation is connected to addressing, peace, democracy, facing economic and social challenges, the fight against inequalities as these greatly influence our capacity to address climate change. C. Bhushan, S. Kumar and A. Rosemberg spoke. President of FEPS Massimo D’Alema delivered an opening speech which also offered the audience at COP a outline of our project.

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all the work from this continues to be developed on and feeds into our ongoing projects in this field.