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FEPS President in the press:

Over A Coffee with Maria João Rodrigues MEP, Vice President of the Social Democrats

La bande de « la faute à l’Europe ? » a reçu Maria Joao Rodrigue, eurodéputée socialiste portugaise

Maria João Rodrigues : «La social-démocratie doit se renouveler, c’est une course contre le temps»

Millennial Dialogue presentation in Spain

Los ‘millennials’ españoles son felices y optimistas. La Vanguardia

La corrupción y el desencanto aleja a los ‘millennials’ de los políticos. El País
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Radiografía politica de los millennials españoles, desconfianza en los politicos pero no en la politica

The Portuguese Government Solution: an inspiration for the European Left?

A "geringonça" portuguesa pode ser a "quarta via" do socialismo europeu? Público

OE2018: Governo assume objetivo de ter "grandes dossiês bem avançados" até ao verão. Diário de Notícias

OE 2018: Governo quer negociações “sobre principais dossiers” avançadas até ao final do semestre. Expresso

Gerigonça "vai até ao fim da legislatura". Sábado magazine

Pedro Nuno Santos vai a Bruxelas ‘vender’ a geringonça de Costa

Bruxelles, ville compartimentée, ghetto mental

Post in the blog: Le carnet de Colette Braeckman in Le Soirs about the debate organised by FEPS: Youth, Radicalism and Terrorism

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Survey: Europeans and brexit:

Opinion Poll done by FEPS and Fondation Jean Jaurès in July 2016

- Le Monde (voir version imprimée PDF pages 10 et 11)

Süddeustche Zeitung

Le Soir

El Pais

La Repubblica (Italy)

Interview with Massimo D'Alema, President of FEPS: "Avoir le courage de faire des pas en avant"  

Interview after the results of UK referendum published in Le Soir

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Interview with Ernst Stetter, FEPS Secretary General, at CCTV (China)  

Interview after the results of UK referendum

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Massimo D'Alema: Innovons à gauche!

Interview with Massimo D'Alema published in the Belgian newspaper: Le Soir

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Greece Forward: Progressive Solutions for Today and Tomorrow


Media coverage of the conference organised by FEPS and its Greek partner Diktio - Network for Reform in Greece and Europe- in October 2015.

List of Media Coverage 

Plan social à Air France: la compagnie va-t-elle se brûler les ailes?

Ernst Stetter, Secretary General of FEPS, participated in the France24 debate about the Social Plan at Air France.  

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Why do self women rely on mentors?

Judit Tanczos, FEPS Policy Advisor, was interviewed about women scientist for Euroscientist.

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As the European Commission drops a Directive on Maternity Leave, the discussion turns to business and productivity

Article published in New Europe about the Maternity Leave Directive that takes the argument made by FEPS Policy Advisor Judit Tanczos in the Policy Viewpoint "Fresh approach for a maternity leave proposal?".

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Le dilemme des sociaux-démocrates, selon Massimo d’Alema

Interview with Massimo D'Alema, President of FEPS, in Le Monde. 

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Which energy transition, and for what?

This article by Jacques Roger-Marchart, Damien Borot, Bernard Tardieu was published in the French version of the Huffington Post as part of the project Progressive for Climate.

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Strikes become a new social reality in Germany

Interview with Ernst Stetter, Secretary General of FEPS, in France 24 analysing the series of strikes that Germany is witnessing (June, 2015).

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Adaptation and mitigation: what are we talking about?

This article by Ernst Stetter, Secretary General of FEPS, and Gilles Finchelstein, General Director of the Jean-Jaurès Foundation, was published in the French version of the Huffington Post as part of the project Progressive for Climate.

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In the final hour, a plea for economic sanity and humanity

Massimo D'Alema and Ernst Stetter ask for an urgent solution for the Greek economy in this letter signed with high level economists. It was published in the Financial Times (June, 2015).

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«Es obvio que los partidos de izquierda tienden a sufrir más que sus socios liberales o conservadores»

Interview with Christophe Sente, member of FEPS Scientific Council in the spanish newspaper "La Voz de Galicia" about the great coalitions. 

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Solving the Greek Debt: An Attractive Compromise

Greece’s creditors should opt for promising solutions, including that of GDP-linked bonds, this is the proposal explined in this article by Stephany Griffith-Jones, Financial Markets Director at Columbia University and Member of the FEPS Scientific Council and Inge Kaul, adjunct professor at the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin. 

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Time is running out for the eurozone

Action needs to be taken on several fronts to avoid a recession, to reassure financial markets, and to provide hope to European citizens to counter the continued rise of extremism and nationalism, writes Stephany Griffith-Jones, member of FEPS Scientific Council, in The Guardian.

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Juncker’s investment plan: good, but too small

Giovanni Cozzi and Stephany Griffith Jones give their opinion in Euroactive about Juncker's investment plan. They explain concrete proposals that could be incorporate to the plan to be effective. 

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Read the article in Mediapart (FR)

Transatlantic trade negotiations should own up to their ambition

Pascal Lamy, Vice President of FEPS and former director-general of the World Trade Organisation and European Commissioner for Trade, published this tribune in the Financial Times about the negotiations on TTIP.

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Interview to Christophe Sente, member of FEPS Scientific Council

In the framework of the interactive workshop: "Confronting the populist wave" organised by FEPS and Counterpoint in October 2014. 

Listen to the interview in Radio France International

François Hollande, the European Social Democrat

Christopher Sente, member of FEPS Scientific Council, explains in this article the economic measures carried out by Hollande's Government in the framework of the European Socialdemocracy.

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Could the Scottish vote awaken European democracy from its slumber?

David Kitching, FEPS Policy Advisor, explains that the Scottish referendum has had the benefit to set the stage for a broader discussion on the way governance functions in the UK and the EU at large. 

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EU leaders sideline gender parity at summit

Maari Põim, Junior Policy Advisor at FEPS, adresses in this article tthe issue of the gender balance in the negotiations of the new European Commission lead by Juncker. 

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The need for investment-led recovery for Europe

Giovanni Cozzi, economic advisor at the Foundation of Progressive European Studies (FEPS) and Stephany Griffith-Jones, financial markets director, Initiative Policy Dialogue (IPD), Columbia University argue in this article that more investment could lead to a significant decline in the government debt ratio of southern Europe.

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Read the online version of the article in Mediapart (FR)

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PDF of the article published in the Die Ziet (DE)

PDF of the article published in El Economista (ES)

Socialistes sénégalais et européens tentent d’exorciser leurs vieux démons

The Senegalese newspaper publishes a report about the seminar organised by FEPS and Imagine Africa in July 2014.

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Ex-Treasury adviser: no real recovery - growth 'hype' masks crash risk

By Nafeez Ahmed

The author refers to Jo Michells's Economic Policy Viewpoint: "The UK’s debt-led recovery is unsustainable" to explain why UK's growth current strategy cannot be sustanined.  

Read the article in the online version of The Guardian

Entretien avec Ernst Stetter

Entretien avec Ernst Stetter, Secrétaire Général de la Foundation for European Progressive Studies, qui travaille de concert avec le PSE et nombre de think tanks nationaux.

Watch the interview in Next Europe (FR)

Europe's economic crisis: some ideas for recovery and growth

Stephany Griffith-Jones and Matthias Kollatz

Supporters of excessive austerity have made overcoming the eurozone crisis more difficult and costly

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Proposal to finance European investment, growth and jobs

Stephany Griffith-Jones, Matthias Kollatz-Ahnen and Lars Andersen

Based on an increase of lending by the EIB of almost 2% of EU GDP, the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS), the Initiative for Policy Dialogue (IPD) and the Economic Council of the Labour Movement (ECLM) have presented on 6th June an economic programme which expects to create more than half a million jobs in 2013, with accumulated total EU job increases of over 1.2 million by 2014. Here are the press coverage in European media.

Press release  |  Euractiv (EU)  |  Le Monde (FR)  |  Politiken (DK)  |  Ta Nea (GR)  |  Figiyelo (HU)

Stiglitz tells Europolitics: «Austerity will surely fail»

In the context of the conference « Beyond Austerity : Alternatives Policies for Employment and Growth » hosted, on 2-3 May, in Rome, by the FEPS, IPD and Italiani Europei, IPD Co-president and Nobel laureate in economics, Joseph Stiglitz said in an interview with Europolitics. «There is not a single example anywhere in the world showing that it is possible to cure an ailing state by cutting salaries, pensions and social benefits.»

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Euros du village

The Euros du village, an online magazine met FEPS President Massimo d’Alema in Brussels on the sidelines of the launch of the Next Left Book vol.3. An interview about the future of the European left and the EU: two destinies that, according Massimo D'Alema, are more intrinsically linked.

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Special guest on the show "in Europe", a program co-produced by RFI and France 24, FEPS President Massimo D'Alema, tells what he thinks of budgetary control actions taken by Europe and his country's position that Italy could play a new role of referee , alongside the Paris Berlin. He is interviewed by Caroline Camaret (France 24) and Frederique Lebel (RFI).

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Brussels summit: No consensus on fiscal pact

« The new Treaty, the fiscal compact is the continuation of pure liberal orthodoxy » says FEPS Economic Advisor Matthieu Méaulle in a TV for the Russian TV, RT. Ahead the March European Summit, RT has spoken with several European experts including FEPS and they all agree the pact will do more harm than good. “All good economists know that if you are doing austerity everywhere you go towards crisis or towards recession”, he also said.

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Rencontre Merkel - Hollande : peuvent-ils briser la glace? 

Following the French presidential election 6 May 2012 and ahead of the first visit of Hollande in Berlin, FEPS Secretary General Ernst Stetter took part to a debate, on TV France 24 entitled.

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